Last month OnePlus launched OxygenOS which is the company’s version of Android following the fallout they had with Cyanogen. Interestingly enough it seems that just a month after the launch of OxygenOS, it looks like the company has another platform in the works in the form of HydrogenOS.

However we should note that unlike OxygenOS which is meant for markets around the world, HydrogenOS will be limited and exclusive to China. The exact features of the platform remain unknown for now, but the company is expected to announce the details of the operating system in China come 28th of May.

Chances are we could be looking the same features as OxygenOS, except that it might be tweaked to better cater to the Chinese market. For example in China, Google’s services aren’t allowed so Android handsets in China have to turn to local services such as Baidu for similar features and services, so presumably the same could be applied to HydrogenOS.

The platform is also expected to be based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and according to the company’s CEO Pete Lau, it won’t just be another iOS-lookalike. In any case more details will be revealed at the end of the month, so do check back with us then for more information on the company’s platform!

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