solaroadLast year we reported that over in the Netherlands, a bike path was created in which solar panels would be installed into the path itself, thus allowing users to use the road while at the same time collecting energy from the sun to help power homes. It seems that its creators were a little cautious in their estimates because according to a recent press release, the bike path managed to generate more energy than they had expected.

According to Sten de Wit, spokesman of SolaRoad, “We did not expect a yield as high as this so quickly. The bike road opened half a year ago and already generated over 3,000 kWh. This can provide a single-person household with electricity for a year, or power an electric scooter to drive of 2.5 times around the world.”

However despite the success, there were some hiccups too mainly in the maintenance area of the solar panels. It seems that due to the shifts in temperature, it caused the coating on the glass panels to peel off, but the company is looking into the development of an improved layer that will hopefully prove to be more resistant to the wear and tear of daily use.

So far they claim that about 150,000 cyclists have crossed the SolaRoad in the six months that it has gone live, which they have interpreted to mean as people accepting the existence of it, or maybe not even noticing it due to its inconspicuous nature.

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