hackingWe’ve seen teens lash out in all sorts of ways, but with technology being so prevalent in our lives and with us depending so much on it, it seems that one way teens might have found a new way to disrupt our lives. According to a report from KTVB News, it seems that a teen from Idaho launched a DDoS attack on his school district’s entire network.

This resulted in knocking them completely offline which in turn disrupted more than 50 schools in the process, including activities such as payroll to standardized tests. It also disrupted students such as those who were taking the Idaho Standard Achievement test and who had to keep redoing them as the system kept losing their work.

Now the teen in question did not do the attack himself. Instead the 17-year old had hired third-party help in order to launch the DDoS. The teen in question has since been arrested after he had been tracked down using his IP address, and it is possible that he could now face State and Federal felony charges.

This could result in the teen going to jail for 180 days as well as being expelled from the school. The parents of the teens are also expected to pay for any losses that might have been incurred as a result of the DDoS.

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