Over the years we’ve seen Kickstarter used with great success as it went on to fund some pretty awesome gadgets. However there are times when an awesome idea does not appeal to backers which results in sometimes pretty cool projects falling on their face. We suppose that’s just the way things are, but we don’t think that anyone should have to go through what 2Awesome Studio did.

2Awesome Studio is a game developer who were trying to raise funds on Kickstarter for a game called Dimension Drive. The project was struggling and when its time was almost up and they had yet to reach their goal, a single backer by the name of Jonathan came to the rescue by pledging a whopping €7000, essentially saving the project.

Or at at least that’s what they thought. The developers were naturally ecstatic and tweeted, “Who is Jonathan, Jonathan is our hero! We love you and we want to meet you in person!” However it seems those good feelings did not last long as Kickstarter informed them that the 7K pledge was fraudulent.

According to the devs, “Somebody pledge 7k to our Kickstarter just to be taken a way [sic] in the last moment. Trolling our end of #Kickstarter. Funded and it’s gone.” It is unclear how the troll managed to pull of this trickery as Kickstarter’s ToS states that backers can’t pull out support in the last 24 hours without contacting customer service first, so perhaps a fake card was used

Alternatively maybe the user contacted their bank and cancelled their card at the last minute, which seems awfully elaborate for a troll. In any case it does seem like a rather mean spirited thing to do but if you’d like to see what Dimension Drive is all about, you can still pop on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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