apple_logoIn the past we have heard various rumors about a variety of tech companies who might be considering acquiring BlackBerry, such as Microsoft, Lenovo, and the rumor that just won’t seem to die, Samsung. However a company that one might never have considered has recently made the list because according to a report from Yahoo Finance, Apple is said to be considering acquiring the Canadian company.

Right off the bat we’ll have to admit that this sounds a bit incredulous. After all if Apple wanted to acquire BlackBerry, shouldn’t they have done so when the company was struggling financially, as opposed to now where things appear to have stabilized somewhat? That being said, even Yahoo can’t confirm the rumors, claiming that, “While the current rumors have not yet been confirmed or negated by either BlackBerry or Apple, we are still speculating on the possibility of a merger.”

That being said if there’s anything Apple could stand to gain from BlackBerry it would most likely be the Canadian company’s patent portfolio which is numbered in the thousands. However Apple’s acquisition over the years hasn’t really been about amassing patents, but rather absorbing existing technology and making it their own, like how they acquired Siri and mapping companies which eventually resulted in Apple Maps being created.

However it is possible that the rumors could simply be part of a devious way of manipulating BlackBerry’s stocks which has since risen by 6% following the rumor. Previously it seems that regulatory bodies were planning on investigating trading activity when the Samsung-BlackBerry rumors emerged which saw BlackBerry’s stock rise as a result of that.

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