altconfPart of Apple’s success in the mobile sphere is its developer community which is very strong and rivaled only by Google’s Android platform. However yesterday Apple seemed to have spit in the face of its developers by sending a legal letter to the organizers of AltConf to block them from live streaming the upcoming WWDC keynote speech.

For those unfamiliar, AltConf is a developer conference that is held alongside WWDC and is basically an event for developers that could not afford or get tickets to WWDC. Well the good news is that it looks like Apple has a heart after all as the company has since softened their stance and is now allowing AltConf to livestream the event, albeit with some limitations.

The livestream will only cover the WWDC keynote and Platforms State of the Union and will be available at AltConf’s viewing room. However apart from that, the rest of the WWDC content will not be available for screening, meaning that if developers want to know what’s going on, they’ll have to rely on the news or wait for Apple to upload the sessions afterwards.

In the meantime the organizers of AltConf have since clarified the confusion behind its “Hero Supporter” ticket tier, which has led some to believe that the organizers are planning on profiting off the livestreams. “AltConf is a community driven event and Paid Hero tickets were never meant as a ticket to cover the cost of the stream but to allow the community to show their support and offset the costs of renting the theatre.”

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