wwdc-2015WWDC is a hot event and every year, tickets are sold out pretty quickly. Given that these tickets aren’t cheap and how fast they sell out, safe to say that not many people are able to attend the event. This has resulted in the developer community creating an alternative event called AltConf.

This is meant to serve as an alternative to WWDC where developers who could not make it to the event can still watch the live stream and other content from the conference. However this year, Apple has decided that they will not be allowing AltConf to live stream the WWDC keynote speech and have since sent a legal letter blocking them from doing so.

According to the letter sent by Apple, “Publicly streaming Apple’s WWDC content in the manner in which AltConf proposes would violate Apple’s copyright rights in the content. This is particularly the case where AltConf proposes to offer the content for profit. Therefore, Apple requests that you refrain from publicly streaming the WWDC addresses.”

Apart from blocking the stream of WWDC, Apple has also requested that content from WWDC not be shown, reproduced, or distributed at AltConf, essentially rendering the entire conference moot. Apple has also stated that there will be alternative means of watching the event if you can’t stream it or attend it.

Previously the Cupertino company has made their videos available for download after the event, so if you can’t tune in you will still be able to catch up on the announcements after. “Apple makes the content available both to individuals for streaming on their personal devices or computers and on Apple’s YouTube channel after the conference, or through the Apple WWDC App.”

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