Apple made slew of amazing announcements at the WWDC today, one of them being the changes made in the functioning of CarPlay. The system is now going completely wireless, which means that users won’t be required to connect their iPhone via USB in order to get the CarPlay working.

However, the new system will not be compatible with the existing cars, perhaps it will made available in the future cars. Also, the company has now given more access to automakers, as now they will be enabled to create their own apps for CarPlay, which will be able to take control of the system in the vehicle.

Earlier, the drivers were required to close the CarPlay application for enabling control on the car’s music system. With the new authority given to the automakers, the drivers won’t be required to exit the app in order to gain control on other systems. It also sends out a clear message that Apple is looking forward to make CarPlay a pervasive system in users car, with this, we can see it eying upon to be an active part of users’ day-to-day commute routine as well.

At the event, the company also announced that it will make CarPlay available in various screen types and sizes, including HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) displays, generally known as Apple’s ‘Retina Display’.

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