BlackBerry-LogoBlackBerry is a company that has many rumors and speculation surrounding it, and according to the latest one, it seems that the Canadian company could be considering creating an Android handset. According to a report from Reuters, it seems that this is part of the company’s software-centric strategy.

It also seems to be an implied admission of sorts that despite launching BlackBerry 10 and creating a new line of hardware that it isn’t doing as well as it should. That being said there’s no guarantee that BlackBerry will create an Android handset. Reuter’s sources told them that this is merely under consideration by the company.

It is unclear if the alleged Android handset would be how BlackBerry is moving forward in the future, or if it will just be a separate device while they continue churning out both Android and BlackBerry 10 handsets. However given that Android has such a large ecosystem, it would make sense to create an Android-centric device as opposed to allowing Android apps to run on BlackBerry 10, which in some cases isn’t always an optimized experience.

It is also a rumor and with all rumors, they’re best taken with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? If BlackBerry were to create an Android device, how do you think they would fare? Is this something you might be interested in?

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