ios 9 siriSiri has some Easter Eggs which are pretty funny, like when you say “OK Google” to it, or tell you that you love her, and so on. However recently it seems that over in Canada, there is a Siri prank spreading in which it tells users to ask Siri about 9/11, the terrorist attack. However because apparently Siri can’t differentiate between “9/11” and “911”, it ends up making a call to the police.

In fact this seems to have been a rather big problem over in the city of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, to the point where the police have been receiving a bunch of unwanted hangups due to the prank. In a statement made by the Regina police (via Cult of Mac), they are cautioning its citizens to be wary of the prank as it could end up hogging the lines should a real 911 emergency call comes through.

The statement reads, “Without more information, there is no way to tell if the 9-1-1 call is a prank or real.  The process of re-establishing contact can involve several tries and can tie up resources that could be needed for real emergent situations.” However thankfully so far it seems that nothing bad has happened as a result of those unwanted hangups.

“The Regina Police Service is asking people to be aware of the consequences of this latest fad.  We are fortunate, so far, that there haven’t been real 9-1-1 emergencies where help has been delayed.  Please, choose to be a good citizen and DON’T ask Siri about 9/11.” In the meantime we’re not sure if this is applicable to other countries where 911 is used for emergencies, but maybe you shouldn’t try it just to be safe.

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