eargo1When it comes to hearing aids, a lot of them tend to be rather pricey, with an average pair going for about $4,200 in the US. This means that even though some people need them, they just can’t seem to afford them. However Eargo is hoping to change that scene by introducing a pair of hearing aids that will cost a fraction of that price.


Eargo is a hearing aid that has been in development for the past five years and has managed to raise $13 million in venture funding and was founded by French ENT surgeon Dr. Florent Michel and his son, Raphael Michel. Unlike some of the more traditional hearing aid designs, Eargo has been designed to be invisible and discreet.

It has been designed and shaped to look like a fishing fly, as you can see in the photos, and will feature flexi fibers that helps to suspend a speaker in your ear. This does not block the entire ear canal and thanks to these fibers, only a certain range of sound will be allowed to pass through which in turn is amplified by the speaker.

This allows the wearer to feel comfort as it promotes breathability, while at the same time allowing more natural bass sounds to pass right through. According to the the younger Michel, “Everyone’s hearing degrades over time; it typically starts in your 30s. Until now, millions of people have had trouble hearing from time to time, but have done nothing about it because of the high cost and unattractiveness of current offerings.  We believe that caring for your hearing health should not compromise your lifestyle, appearance or checkbook.”

So how much is the Eargo? According to the company, it will be priced at $1,980 and comes with a portable charger and an inductive charger for the hearing aid and can be ordered from its website. Alternatively customers can opt for a financing plan which will see them make $96 monthly repayments.

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