It has been two years since Grand Theft Auto 5 was released but the jetpack has eluded players who obviously wanted it to remain in the game. There has actually been much speculation about the GTA 5 jetpack as some believe that it’s actually hidden in some urban location inside the game but no one has been able to locate it yet. It’s disappointing for many players since the jetpack featured heavily in 2005’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Well, the jetpack has come to GTA 5, albeit through a third-party mod.

The privilege of installing third-party mods is limited to PC gamers as well, so if you’re on a console, this is not going to work for you.

A PC modder who goes by JulioNIB has created a jetpack mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. The entire gang, which includes Trevor, Michael and Franklin can use the jetpack to fly around the city and cause all kinds of mayhem.

The modder has released a video which shows just how the mod will perform in the game, it hasn’t been released as yet, but watch this space for the mod because that’s where it will be available for download.

There are already multiple mods available for Grand Theft Auto 5 players on the PC, this is going to make a fine addition to that list.

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