As it stands, iOS 9 and Android M are currently in beta so to speak meaning that as far as being optimized is concerned, neither platform is close to it. There will also be some changes made ahead of their release which should be later this year, but in the meantime if you’re wondering how both platforms stack up against each other, wonder no more.

YouTuber Adrian Isen has recently put together a video in which he compares the iPhone 6 against the Nexus 6. Both handsets are running on iOS 9 and Android M respectively and based on those two betas, he has conducted a speed test to see which handset performs faster than the other.

Now a speed test of an iPhone 6 against the Nexus 6 isn’t new, but like we said it should be interesting to see how both phones fare now that they’re both running on pre-release software. Right off the bat the iPhone 6 takes the lead with it booting up significantly faster than the Nexus 6, however in terms of opening apps, the Nexus 6 appears to be slightly faster, but this could be due to the animations used by iOS.

Isen also performed a speech test but given that Google Now is generally more intuitive, it produced results faster while iOS had an extra step involved. Perhaps it might be too early to tell which platform is “faster” but hopefully the video will give you guys an idea of what to expect.

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