iphone 6s chassisThere have been some rumors to suggest that Apple could be bringing a new design to the iPhone 6s, although given what we know about Apple and how they approach their “S” iPhones, it seemed unlikely. Now thanks to the folks at 9to5Mac, they have managed to get their hands on photos that are allegedly that of the iPhone 6s.

Right off the bat, you will notice that the design of the phone looks more or less the same as the current iPhone 6 model, which we suppose isn’t surprising given that Apple usually saves major redesigns every two years. However while the external design of the chassis looks the same, 9to5Mac notes that there are some differences internally.

The differences are with the internal mounting structure suggesting new mounting points for the phone’s logic board and other components. However the cutouts reveal that Apple will continue to use a single-lens camera system despite what the rumors are saying that Apple could debut a new dual-lens setup, although it is possible that this could be true for 2016’s iPhone 7.

The antenna lines continue to be present in the phone’s design so it looks like the recently discovered patent might not have come into effect just yet, but once again we’re holding out for the iPhone 7 as a possible candidate. In any case take the photos with a grain of salt for now but hopefully we will get some kind of confirmation in the coming months.

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