lg-small-batteryIf there is one particular issue that modern day mobile devices have to grapple with, it would be that of battery life – there is simply way too many functions that eat into a device’s battery life too soon. Remember the good old days where old school Nokias like the Nokia 3310 was able to last for four, or even five days of regular use? Well, smartwatches might be the next wave of wearable tech to make it big globally, and hence, it would be prudent to pay attention to their battery life, too. It looks like the folks over at LG Chem intends to offer satisfactory battery life for smartwatches with their new hexagonal battery.

This hexagonal battery was specially concocted for smartwatch owners, where it will complement those digital timepieces that come with circular displays (like the Moto 360) perfectly. Apparently, The Korea Times did mention that LG Chem has laid claim to its new battery’s capabilities, allowing them to improve usage time by 25% as opposed to rectangular batteries, letting smartwatch owners enjoy up to 4 hours of additional usage from a single charge.

It is also whispered around that this particular hexagonal battery was developed in collaboration with another highly competent firm which is not Apple nor LG Electronics, which does leave many of us out of the circle of trust to keep on guessing. Still, this new hexagonal battery has already started to ship to the first of its mysterious customers, and it remains to be seen just which particular smartwatch model will make use of it. Hopefully more teardowns in the future will reveal additional information!

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