A few months back Microsoft wowed everybody with its HoloLens technology, back then the company said that it would build experiences for this product and it showed one such experience today. During its E3 2015 press conference Microsoft demonstrated a special version of Minecraft that it’s building for HoloLens.

If you’re wondering why Microsoft is building a new version of Minecraft just for HoloLens, then you’re probably out of the loop, since it’s almost common knowledge now that Microsoft acquired Mojang a while back, the company associated with Minecraft.

Minecraft for HoloLens can be played with a controller and players can explore or create worlds using holograms that they create with their gestures or voice. The demonstration today involved an entire Minecraft universe being run on a table through HoloLens.

The hologram performed quite well during the demonstration even though the presenters were walking around and interacting with Minecraft objects. Many of the interactions were performed by voice but the company’s “air tap” gesture was shown off as well, the gesture requires a user to raise their index finger and then tap down.

Microsoft didn’t reveal any details about this during the demonstration, though it does have plans to talk more about this at Minecon, which takes place next month.

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