national-park-gpsPaying a visit to a national park is always a good idea, but when you are faced with nature, you know for sure what you need to do – respect it, and play by its rules. Apart from stunning views and perhaps the chance to catch a glimpse of selected animals that catch your fancy, one can also explore the many trails within the national park itself. The thing is, park are so vast, that it is of utmost importance to stick to the known tracks, and to register yourself before entering. While animals are being tracked using GPS, it looks like the similar inspired technology will be used to track humans, too.

The reason behind this is to help scientists learn how visitors’ movements affect the ecosystem, if at all. Volunteers in Rocky Mountain National Park and Yosemite National Park will be given GPS trackers, and according to the researchers, all of the collected data would also assist them in making park upgrades which range from potential trails to parking areas, and of course, the crucial location of restrooms. Seems like this could be an inspiration for the idea of a National Park Tycoon game, eh? Of course, we have seen the idea of a pair of GPS shoes being bandied about in the past, which might work, too.

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