Earlier this month SoundHound launched Hound, their own voice assistant software. The app is currently in beta although a recent video showed that it had no problems handling the competition. However if you don’t have access to the beta and want to see how well Hound fares under a different scenario, the folks at PocketNow have a new video that shows just that.

Similar to the previous video we saw, this video basically pits Hound against the competition in the market at the moment which includes Apple’s Siri, Google Now for Android, and Cortana for Windows Phone. As expected from the previous video, SoundHound’s Hound appears to be more capable of understanding complex and follow-up questions.

For example it was asked to split a bill three ways, and once that was done, it was then asked to split the same bill five ways which it managed to understand and execute without any hiccup. The rest of the platforms had no such luck. Interestingly enough while Google Now is seen by many as the slightly better voice assistant, there were some instances where it failed to understand what was being asked of it.

That being said, Hound is lacking severely in one area and that is integration. The voice assistant is a standalone app meaning that unlike iOS, Android, or Windows Phone where a voice command can be used to call up the voice assistant, users will instead have to launch the app and then activate it, meaning it is an extra step, so this is an area that SoundHound will definitely need to be looking into.

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