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Honda To Incorporate SoundHound’s AI Into Its Cars
When you think of AI-based digital assistants, chances are you might think of Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon’s Alexa, but in case you forgot, song recognition service SoundHound actually launched its own AI digital assistant several years ago in which they envisioned its Houndify platform to be integrated into a variety of devices.

SoundHound Wants To Take On Google And Amazon In AI
When it comes to AI-based voice assistants, SoundHound actually arrived before Amazon’s Alexa with their Hound platform, which based on initial testing appears to be more than capable of holding its own. However it did not quite take off the same way as Alexa did, but SoundHound is not giving up.

SoundHound Debuts Their Take On The Amazon Echo & Google Home
Amazon’s surprising success with the Echo speaker and its Alexa assistant has prompted other tech companies to follow suit. For example Google launched their own alternative called Google Home, and there have also been rumors that Apple could be planning their own version but featuring Siri instead.

SoundHound Updated With Hands-Free ‘OK Hound’ Command
When it comes to music recognition apps, there are pretty much two choices that users can go with: Shazam or SoundHound. Now if you’re a fan of the latter, you will be interested to learn that the app has recently received an update in which within the app itself, users will be able to use the voice command “OK Hound” to activate it.


SoundHound’s Hound Virtual Assistant Has Exited Beta
Last year June, you might have heard that song recognition app SoundHound released its own virtual assistant called Hound. Initial tests of the app found it to be a worthwhile competitor to the likes of Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, and the good news is that after more than half a year, the app has finally exited its beta and is available for download by anyone.

SoundHound Updated With YouTube Playback, 3D Touch Support
Ever hear that song on radio or in a cafe that you love, but don’t know the name? Thankfully if you have a smartphone, there are apps like SoundHound that lets you figure it out. For those unfamiliar, it basically uses your smartphone’s microphone to listen to what’s being played, and then tries to match it with a database to give you your results.

SoundHound’s Houndify Wants To Put A Voice Interface In Your Devices
SoundHound is an app that most of us would equate to music recognition, where if you’re trying to find out the song that is currently being played, launch SoundHound and let it listen and it should be able to tell you what song it is. However earlier this year, SoundHound decided to expand its business by launching its voice assistant app Hound.However it seems that isn’t where they are stopping. […]

New Hound Video Surfaces, Goes Up Against The Competition
Earlier this month SoundHound launched Hound, their own voice assistant software. The app is currently in beta although a recent video showed that it had no problems handling the competition. However if you don’t have access to the beta and want to see how well Hound fares under a different scenario, the folks at PocketNow have a new video that shows just that.Similar to the previous video we saw, this […]

SoundHound’s “Hound” Beta Blows Away The Competition In Tests
Earlier this month you might recall that music identification tool SoundHound launched their own voice assistant software called Hound. The app is currently in beta but so far from initial impressions, it seems that many were very impressed with Hound’s capabilities. Well if you’re wondering how it stacks up against the competition, wonder no more.The folks at have conducted a test between the various voice assistant features on multiple […]

SoundHound Debuts “Hound” Voice Assistant App
When it comes to voice assistant features, having it baked into your operating system is probably the best as it would allow deeper control over the entire operating system. However sometimes third-party apps might be more powerful or in tune with what you need, so sometimes users have no choice but to go with a non-native piece of software.That being said if you’re not happy about how the Google Now […]