Earlier this month you might recall that music identification tool SoundHound launched their own voice assistant software called Hound. The app is currently in beta but so far from initial impressions, it seems that many were very impressed with Hound’s capabilities. Well if you’re wondering how it stacks up against the competition, wonder no more.

The folks at Typhone.nl have conducted a test between the various voice assistant features on multiple platforms. This meant that Hound had to go up against more established players such as iOS’ Siri, Android’s Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana. So how did Hound fare against all the competition? Pretty damn well.

It seems that one of the strong suits of Hound is its ability to recognize users who have a heavy accent. It is also able to follow up on previous enquiries made by the user, as opposed to the other voice assistant where a followup query is usually treated as a new search, meaning that depending on how you phrase it, they won’t be able to catch onto the context of your query.

Google Now seems to come closest in terms of abilities when compared to Hound which is actually amazing as Google Now is widely considered to be the more superior of the voice assistants at the moment. We have to say that we are impressed with Hound and we have to wonder how much better it will get once it gets out beta. So, are you just as impressed?

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