nintendo-wii-u-review-9Nintendo is currently working on a new console called the Nintendo NX which is supposed to be the successor to the Wii U, but unfortunately Nintendo does not have a specific date in which they will launch the console presumably because it is still largely under development. However it seems that during E3 2015, the company had apparently pitched the idea to third-parties.

This is according to a report from Fortune who claims that Nintendo had apparently told third-parties what they could expect from the NX and according to their sources, it seems that the reception of the idea was largely positive, which we suppose is good news for Nintendo. However how well it actually performs upon its release is the big question.

The Wii U is a console that sounds good on paper and Nintendo has created several games that takes advantage of it. However due to its hardware, many developers have opted not to develop for it thus causing consumers to opt for more “powerful” hardware from Sony and Microsoft.

Previously Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata stated that they are trying to keep the NX console under wraps for as long as possible, expressing his worry that if it were leaked or revealed too early, the competition would steal their ideas and take away the unique features of it. In any case safe to say many are curious to see if the NX will succeed where the Wii U won’t, but what say you? What does the NX need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape with the PS4 and Xbox One in play?

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