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About a week back Pebble started to ship its new smartwatch to backers, folks who received their units and wanted to use it with their iOS device couldn’t do so because Apple had not approved the application. Since iOS doesn’t work like Android and Pebble just couldn’t let users install the app through another method it just had to wait for Apple to approve the app. It even made its community put pressure on Apple to approve the app and it appears to have worked, because the Pebble Time iOS app is now finally available for download.

Pebble had cleared up a couple of days back that it wasn’t its fault that the app wasn’t available, saying that Apple’s lengthy review process was taking a lot of time and delaying the release.

Many were quick to jump to conspiracy theories, saying that Apple was deliberately taking more time to approve the app because Pebble Time is a direct competitor for its first smartwatch, the Apple Watch, though obviously there’s no evidence to support that theory.

Pebble’s appeal to backers to provide Apple with feedback over the delay seems to have worked, the company has approved the Pebble Time iOS application, and it can now be downloaded from the App Store.

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