DJI-Phantom-2GoPro is a company best known for their wearable cameras which have been designed to be rugged and used in action sports. They are also small and lightweight enough to the point where they can be mounted on drones and used to record footage while the drone is flying. However instead of being content just being a camera maker, GoPro wants to take things further.

The company’s CEO Nick Woodman recently revealed at the Code Conference that come 2016, GoPro will be looking to release their very own quadcopter. To be more specific, the company will be releasing the drone in the first half of the year. In some ways the idea of launching a drone makes sense especially when you consider there are drones out there that already mount GoPro cameras.

According to Woodman, “The quad is in some ways the ultimate GoPro accessory.” Woodman goes as far as claiming that the devices are core enough to GoPro’s business where it makes sense for them to actually start building their own drones as opposed to having to rely on third-parties.

Like we said this makes sense for the company, not to mention that it will probably lend itself in creating GoPro-exclusive features or design it in such a way that it would make a perfect fit for GoPro’s cameras. It sounds exciting but what do you guys think? Would you be interested in a GoPro drone?

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