Everyone suffers pain from time to time, whether it be stubbing your toe, banging your head against the cupboards, or from falling and spraining your ankle, basically pain comes in many shapes and forms and usually one of the ways to relief pain is by popping a painkiller or two, although there are some who worry that this could lead to dependency on the medication.


Well if you’re someone who suffers from chronic pain or know someone else who does, perhaps you might want to refer them to a wearable called Quell. This wearable was originally launched on Indiegogo and the good news is that it is now available for purchase. How does Quell work? Basically it is a wearable that looks like a strap and that you can wear around calf and at a push of a button, it supposedly helps to relief the wearer of any pain they might be experiencing.

The pain relief is thanks to electrical signals that are sent from the device through to the brain, thus causing the brain to secrete endogenous opioids into your spine which basically acts as a natural pain relief response, thus removing the need for the person to take any kind of medication.

As for its effectiveness, it seems that it will vary from user to user. According to the company’s SVP and GM of Consumer Health Frank McGillin, he told the folks at MobileSyrup, “Pain is unique. Even if you look at the best-selling prescription drugs, they don’t work for everyone.” However McGillin is optimistic that it should still be good enough to help a significant number of people.

If this sounds like something you wouldn’t mind investing in, Quell is currently available for purchase via its online store where it is priced at $250.

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