apple-pay-002When Apple Pay was first announced, Apple revealed that huge list of retailers that they had partnered with who would be offering Apple Pay support at their stores. However given that there are so many businesses in the US, the list Apple revealed was only a fraction of retailers in the country.

That being said as far as the top 100 retailers are concerned, how many of them have adopted Apple Pay? Or more importantly, how many of them are planning to adopt Apple Pay? As it turns out the future of Apple Pay seems rather bleak this year. According to a report from Reuters, out of the top 100 retailers in the US, less than a quarter currently accept Apple Pay.

Reuter’s survey also revealed that nearly two-thirds of the retailers  said that they have no plans of adopting the payment service this year, with about four confirming that they will. This seems to go against Apple’s previous statement in which they claim that half of the top 100 merchants in the US will be coming on board Apple Pay this year.

So what’s with the resistance? Some retailers cite the need to install extra equipment as being the reason, while others claim that there isn’t enough demand from customers for it. In the meantime Apple has to fend off competitors such as Google who recently announced Android Pay and Samsung who has their own mobile wallet in the form of Samsung Pay.

It is still too early to tell who will succeed in the endeavors and become the de facto mobile wallet platform, but for now it does not seem like Apple Pay could be it.

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