Airplanes are fascinating machines and they’re capable of doing much more than we give them credit for, often pilots will go that extra proverbial mile just to show the true capabilities of an aircraft and for all of us who can’t fly a plane the images are pretty spectacular. Check out this video of a MiG-29 getting right up behind the open rear door of a paratrooper plane, it’s a testament to the stability of this aircraft and the pilot’s amazing skill set.

Military jets like the MiG-29 are obviously much more capable than anything that we can ever fly in, but it’s not like passenger planes can’t surprise you with their maneuverability, only recently we saw a Boeing 787 perform a near vertical takeoff as preparation for the Paris Air Show 2015 and it was a spectacular sight indeed.

Though these jets are in a class of their own, they can perform multiple roles in different operational requirements, some of them can even take off with the aid of a ski-jump.

The stunt you see in this video was set up for the purpose of taking some amazing photographs, what a view it must have been for those who were directly involved with the project up there!

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