matsuMost of the time, we would think that paintings would be works of art that are done with a canvas and a brush – and it is up to the artist to apply the kind of colors and brush strokes in order to end up with whatever he or she envisions at the end of it. Well, it looks like modern day technology has a role to play when it comes to artwork as well, and 39 year old Tomokazu Matsuyama of Japan intends to showcase his talent by marrying both technology and art into several thought provoking pieces.

After all, what is it for an artist to remain cooped up within a studio, when he can challenge himself to go through some really tough times while creating inspired pieces of work? This is what Matsuyama did – he created not one, two, or even three – but five different artworks on a laptop on a flight from Japan to Sydney. This brief was issued to him by Toshiba Australia, Windows and Intel, and the fruit of his labor were exhibited on Wednesday and Thursday nights in Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Matsuyama shared, “When I heard about this project I thought it was impossible, so why not try it. Being an artist, when you’re challenged, you become super excited.” Normally, it takes anywhere from one to three months to come up with one of Matsuyama’s small paintings, whereas a large canvas would take up the better part of half a year – to work on a Toshiba notebook in a plane certainly changes one’s perspectives and priorities, and in his case, the techniques, obviously.

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