small-tracksThere are always different and creative methods to ensure that our earth remains habitable for the next generation. For instance, Japan has taken steps to transform defunct golf courses into massive solar farms, and over in Poland, the once famous Gdańsk Shipyard is in a sad state, where it is full of empty buildings and abandoned rail lines, which is a vast difference from its heyday. Polish architecture students Tomasz Zablotny and Paweł Maszota intends to rehabilitate the area by coming up with a community of small homes which can actually move on the abandoned rail lines.

This is definitely a brilliant idea, as the small boxes are telescoped out to be larger in form factor. The whole point of this exercise is to come up with and modulate a transformable housing complex, in order to maintain a liveable atmosphere even in the post-industrial segment of any society. Artists, interns, workers or even those who find such a unique atmosphere appealing are more than welcome, and it is not only liveable everyday, but has value during festivals and exhibitions, too.

These housing units will arrive in 1.5m x 2.09m form factors, before expanding by another meter so that additional space for living and sleeping are provided. One can also relocate or reorganize these units according to changing occasions and needs, resulting in a maximum level of efficiency.

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