apple logoGoing green is cool – very cool, which is why there has been so much effort done by various quarters to ensure that we have an earth that is habitable enough to live in down the road. As for tech giant Apple, the company’s commendable efforts in recycling has allowed it to actually recover a whopping 2,204 pounds of gold from old devices, which is worth approximately $40 million on the open market today. Sure, the company might be worth billions and billions of dollars, but $40 million is still not a small amount by any means.

This is certainly an example in which other companies might want to look into, as part of reducing their operational expenses while making sure that the earth remains a nice place to live on, especially when we are having difficulty to relocate to a different planet anytime in the near future.

Recovering gold from old iPhones is one thing, but Apple also managed to harvest around 3 million pounds of copper that is worth $6.4 million, as well as 4.5 million pounds of aluminum that amounted to $3.2 million. Surely all of that money could be used on other parts of the company’s operation, or perhaps to send employees on a nice retreat somewhere?

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