apple-store-5th-aveApple has always prided themselves as being an environmentally-friendly company. Every product they make they love pointing out how green it is, in the sense that it uses fewer toxic chemicals, how their data farms are powered by solar energy, and so on. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that starting 15th April, Apple will be phasing out the use of plastic bags.

In a note obtained by 9to5Mac, Apple sent out a memo to its employees informing them that they will no longer use plastic bags when selling products in their stores. Instead the somewhat iconic plastic bags will be replaced with paper bags that are made from 80% recycled materials, although we have to wonder if these paper bags will be strong enough to fit most purchases.

After all no one wants to leave the Apple store with their $2,000 laptop only to have the paper bag tear on them and dropping the computer onto the floor, right? In addition to switching to paper bags, Apple has also told employees to ask customers if they really require the need for a bag. This means that if you want to be extra environmentally-friendly, you can turn it down and instead just carry your purchase with you.

Employees have also been instructed to exhaust the remaining use of plastic bags before making the switch. So the next time you’re at an Apple store, don’t be surprised if you see them offer you a paper bag instead of a plastic one.

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