6s-photoWhat you see above has not quite confirmed that it is the real deal, however, it is still something to work on. Apparently, it is the alleged front glass cover of the supposedly upcoming iPhone 6s, and it would not be too much to stretch one’s imagination that this is the real deal, either, since there are reports of the device already being assembled.

It goes without saying (and far from being a surprise) that the screen is aesthetically identical to existing iPhone 6 models, although it remains to be seen whether the material used happen to be made out of sapphire or alkali-aluminosilicate glass like the Gorilla Glass that we are all familiar with. Apart from that, there is no further proof that there are Force Touch capabilities within, although it has been rumored that Apple will make use of such pressure-sensitive display technology which currently sees action in the Apple Watch at the moment.

Well, like they say, there is no smoke without fire, and this particular “smoke” that we see here would definitely signal that there is plenty of fire going on behind the scenes where the iPhone 6s is concerned, don’t you think so? All in all, we should just be patient and wait for an official announcement of sorts. After all, the iPhone 6s has been tipped to be revealed in a couple of months’ time, and it looks as though the display panels for both white and gold iPhone 6s units are in production at the moment, ready and waiting to be shipped to assemblers.

Other rumored hardware specifications of the iPhnoe 6s will include an improved camera sensor that might edge it closer to DSLR quality images, an A9 processor, additional RAM, better battery life, and a more precise Touch ID sensor.

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