apple-watch-reserve-strapIt looks like the Apple Watch, once touted to be the next big thing, where there were high hopes of it changing the way that the smartwatch industry worked in the same manner as that of the smartphone industry was impacted by the iPhone, is not exactly all that it was hyped up to be. Sure, there were people lining up to purchase the Apple Watch, but generally, the mood was not all that optimistic. In June, Apple sold approximately 2.8 million smartwatches in the period of April to June, with an initial momentum of 200,000 Apple Watch units sold daily, but things do not seem to be growing from strength to strength here.


A market research company from California, Slice Intelligence, has come up with some data which does carry some interesting bearing on the possible future of the Apple Watch. According to MarketWatch, sales of the Apple Watch have declined by 90%, which means there are less than 20,000 units being sold in the US daily, and majority of the consumers are picking up the most affordable model – namely, the $349 Apple Watch Sport. In fact, Slice Intelligence claims that more than 65% of all the Apple Watch units sold happen to be the Watch Sport edition.

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