Chevrolet smartphone AC

Gone are the days when air conditioning was just meant for humans, Chevrolet is changing the notion with its latest add-on, which is a small AC for your “smartphone”. This new feature is named as “Active Phone Cooling system”, which is aimed at cooling down the heated smartphone battery.

The system is handy in size and its vents chill your smartphone whenever it is placed on a small tray beneath the dashboard. The real deal here is to keep the smartphone cool and in turn improve its battery life as well. It is more like a boon to our smartphones as when inside a hot car with an overworked battery — things sometimes lead to bad repercussions.

The Active Phone Cooling system is attached to the car’s air conditioning system and Chevrolet claims that it is “industry’s first” technology. Well, on a lighter note one can simply put their smartphone in front of a normal vent to cool it down for sometime, but this new system by Chevy looks more appealing and easy.

Chevrolet has planned to make the Active Phone Cooling feature available from 2016 in Impala, Malibu, Volt and Cruze models. Interestingly, these cars already equipped with wireless charging. It could be the best of both worlds for smartphone users as they can charge and chill their phone simultaneously (the phone won’t get heated after the charge), well, that indeed is “cool”.

This announcement by Chevy has sneaked in just about time, as the summer heat is making heated smartphones tough to carry around. On another note, Chevy’s in-car wireless charging system was developed in collaboration with a wireless-charging company, Powermat and few devices are not compatible with such charging, users might need to attach a dongle to make it work.

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