There’s perhaps no multirole fighter as popular as the General Dynamics (current Lockheed Martin) F-16 Fighting Falcon, it was originally developed by GD for the United States Air Force and since it was approved in 1976 over 4,500 aircraft have been produced which are now in service with some 26 other countries. It still remains in active service today and has been upgraded multiple times to suit modern day operational requirements, such as shooting down drones in mid-air.

This scenario is actually a real operational requirement since drones are actively being used for the purposes of surveillance and if a hostile drone were to invade into your country’s territory the air force would most certainly shoot it down.

Hence this video of a F-16 shooting down a drone mid-air, the video is from a routine exercise which shows that it’s no big deal for this supersonic jet to do this, but one can only imagine what this might look like in the future when drones are actually capable of firing back an air-to-air missile at the jet.

If you like seeing planes pop off flares then you should definitely watch this video because there’s some flare action going on in there as well.

In case you were wondering whether the F-16 is modern enough to take on those challenge, consider the fact that it’s capable of beating the F-35 in a dogfight.

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