Image credit – Florian Barjot

Until a vaccine for the coronavirus has been found, social distancing is expected to be the new norm. This is because there could be people out there who are asymptomatic and aren’t displaying signs of being infected, which makes it dangerous as it could result in them spreading the virus to others unknowingly.

There is no doubt that social distancing will be a huge thing for the foreseeable future, but how will it affect transportation, especially in confined spaces like an airplane? According French aeronautical engineer, Florian Barjot, he has put together some concept images and drawings as to how social distancing could work in such a situation.

As you can see in his drawing, Barjot imagines that there could be a plastic divider placed in the middle of seats. This would essentially kill off the middle seat while keeping passengers at a distance from each other. While it might be shorter than the recommended distance of 6 feet, we suppose this will just have to do.

Also, based on Barjot’s design, airline companies won’t have to make any major changes as these can be retrofitted. Of course, whether or not airline companies will adopt this particular design remains to be seen, especially since killing off a seat means one less passenger and less revenue.

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