flickr-4.0A couple of years ago, Flickr sort of did away with their Pro tier. Basically the photo service took some of the features of the paid feature and added it to free accounts. However if you consider yourself a serious shutterbug and kind of missed what the paid Pro accounts gave to users last time, you’re in luck.

Flickr has recently announced that they are bringing back the Pro tier, and while for the most part it is similar to the previous iteration of the Pro tier, it will also introduce some changes and new features as well, something that professional photographers might be able to appreciate if they rely on Flickr for storage or as their portfolio.

For starters the feature will cost $5.99 a month or $49.99 a year. It will introduce an ad-free browsing experience when browsing other photos, and from our understanding it will also be ad-free for users browsing your photos as well. Subscribers will also gain access to new and improved stats, a Pro badge highlight on your account, a 20% on Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, and free standard US shipping on Flickr merchandise.

Flickr also notes that for those who were already subscribed to the Pro accounts from back in the day, you guys will be automatically upgraded to the new Pro plan without having to do anything. Your pricing and unlimited storage space plans will also continue to be in effect, so basically you’re getting an upgrade while keeping some of the old perks. For those interested in signing up, head on over to Flickr’s website for the details.

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