ikea placematBack in the day, your parents would probably admonish you if you were to bring a book or your toys to the dining table. The idea is that the dining table is where families gather and eat, talk to each other about their day, share their thoughts, and so on, so naturally a book or toy would be distracting and detrimental to the conversation.

However today, books and toys are less common, but instead smartphones are now becoming the modern day distraction. Perhaps encouraging users to keep their focus at the conversation at the table but at the same time keeping them aware of their devices, IKEA has recently revealed what appears to be a placemat for the dining table with smartphone pocket.

The placemat was revealed as part of IKEA’s upcoming 2016 catalogue, so at the moment we can’t be sure when it will be available or how much it will cost. The idea is pretty simple though, you just slot your smartphone into the pocket and keep it there. This allows diners to keep their phones of the table, but at the same time hiding the screen so that they won’t be tempted to check on it.

It will also help keep your phone relatively clean and safe for spills or food falling off your plate and onto the table. For hardcore Instagrammers, this also keeps your phone ready to snap a photo when your food arrives.

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