home sharingWith the introduction of iOS 8.4, Apple launched Apple Music and with the iCloud Music Library, basically this syncs your music across your devices thus letting you stream your music library wherever you are. This is great if you’re the only one at home using the computer, but if you’re not and you rely on a central computer, iOS 8.4 might not be the update for you.

It has been noted that with iOS 8.4, Apple basically killed off the Home Sharing feature. For those unfamiliar, Home Sharing is a feature that was launched in 2011. Basically it lets users stream content from a central computer running iTunes onto their mobile devices, like the iPhone or iPad.

This is great if you and your family store you music centrally, meaning that wherever you are at home, you can stream it as long as your computer and iOS device is connected to the same network. However like we said, with iOS 8.4, the feature has basically been killed off as far as iOS devices are concerned.

That being said, Home Sharing is available on desktops running iTunes and Apple TV so there’s still that. We suppose iCloud Music Library is an alternative but you will need to be subscribed to Apple Music to use it, versus Home Sharing where anyone could access it for free.

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