We’re not sure how many of you guys saw Knight Rider growing up, but if you didn’t don’t worry about it, there’s a 2015 movie in the works. Now for those who do, you might recall that the star of the show was the car itself, also known as KITT in which it would able to respond to voice commands, drive itself, and fire weapons.

Basically it was pretty awesome and while we’re not really there yet in terms of developing a KITT for ourselves, you might be interested in a replica. The folks at ThinkGeek have revealed a new USB car accessory that basically gives your car KITT-like abilities. In reality the accessory is basically a USB charger for your car.

However it comes with a user interface and buttons that makes it look like KITT’s interface in Knight Rider. There are the blinking lights, the lights that pulse everytime it speaks, and will also come with a variety of quotes from the original television series. For those that grew up watching the show, this would no doubt be an awesome addition to their car.

For those that didn’t, we suppose this USB charging accessory will probably not mean anything to you, until you watch the movie. The KITT USB car charger is priced at $30 and is available for purchase via ThinkGeek’s website.

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