image_denise_3_web_1024x1024Keeping fruits and vegetables in the fridge has become common practice, however some of you might have realized that a fridge that is too cold will end up causing your fruits and vegetables to lose some of its firmness, or in some cases even become frozen due to your fridge being too cold, but unfortunately leaving your food out on the countertop isn’t exactly a good alternative either.

image_denise_1_web_1024x1024Enter La Denise. This is a container that has the ability to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods of time without needing any refrigeration. This means you can leave your food out and not have to worry about it going bad too fast. How is this possible, you ask? As it turns out it relies on methods that are actually pretty old.

image_denise_2_web_1024x1024First of all, La Denise is a three unit series. There is a unit designed to keep fruits that also acts as a drawer. At the bottom there is a pool of water to keep things cool and hydrated and dark, and there’s another layer filled with sand that helps ensure your root vegetables like onions and leeks are kept fresh as well, and another drawer that keeps your longer vegetables like carrots and scallions propped upright.

It’s actually a pretty interesting idea not to mention a beautifully crafted one, but unfortunately it does not come cheap. The La Denise range will be priced between $230-$400 per item which is admittedly rather pricey, but if you have the cash to spare and want a potentially better way of keeping your produce fresh without refrigeration, then perhaps it might be worth checking out.

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