lego plasticWhen you think of Lego, you think of the brightly-colored plastic bricks which are fun to play with, but terrible if you step on them. Now we’re not sure how many of you guys have actually thought about this or realized this, but these plastic bricks are also not very good for the environment due to the fact that they are made from ABS, an oil-based plastic.

Well it looks like Lego has come to that realization as well which is why the company has recently announced their plans to invest $150 million to start creating more eco-friendly plastic bricks. However it should be noted that Lego’s investment is only expected to come to fruition by 2030, but we suppose it’s still a start.

According to Roar Trangbaek, the press officer for the Lego Group, “You could say that it’s a logical place for us to find a way of reducing our environmental footprint. If you look at our CO2 footprint as a company, the majority of our impact comes from offscreen activities—basically what happens before we receive any raw materials in our factory.”

The $150 million will be going towards a sustainable materials center which is expected to open in 2016. From there employees will be researching new kinds of materials that are more eco-friendly. They will still be made of plastic, but won’t be as harmful to the environment. This will also apply to the packaging of the toys themselves.

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