Back in June, Lexus surprised us all with an announcement of a hoverboard that they were working on. It was only a teaser and a couple of weeks ago, Lexus followed up with another teaser. Now if you’re sick of the teasers and want to see the actual hoverboard in action, you’re in luck as Lexus has announced they will be revealing the device in its entirety come 5th August.

In the meantime the company has released yet another teaser video that shows off the hoverboard in action, or at least we get to catch glimpses of it, but safe to say we are very excited to see the device unveiled for real. The previous video featured professional skateboarder Ross McGouran, so it will be interesting to actually see him ride the hoverboard in the final release.

So far what we know about the hoverboard is that despite its casual setting in a skatepark, it’s actually a specially built skatepark with a metal surface underneath it meaning that this hoverboard will require you to be somewhat that’s compatible, versus what we’ve seen in Back to the Future where it will basically work just about anywhere.

The “smoke” you see coming from the board is actually liquid nitrogen which helps to keep the board cool while it is active. Safe to say we’re pretty damn psyched about this, so check back with us on the 5th of August for the details.

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