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Lexus’ Concept Electric Car Comes With A Built-In Drone
Right now the majority of electric cars look and feel like a regular gas-powered car. However, Lexus has recently taken the wraps off their concept electric car, known as the LF-30, and if this is what the future of electric cars could look like, then you can definitely count us in as being extremely interested.

Photos Of Apple’s Self-Driving Test Vehicle Surfaces
By now it is hardly a secret that Apple is interested in self-driving cars. Not too long ago the California DMV granted Apple permission to test self-driving cars on the road, and thanks to a report from Bloomberg, they have managed to obtain photos of Apple’s self-driving test car in action.

Lexus Covers A Car With Over 40,000 LEDs, Can Change Color On The Fly
When it comes to choosing a car, it it also about choosing the color. Color is important because sometimes it can affect the resale value. For example choosing a funky and bright design might be great for you, but the next person buying it might be more conservative and would look elsewhere for a similar model with more toned down colors.

Lexus Navigation Systems Malfunctioning Nationwide
Lexus owners have been irked by malfunctioning navigation systems today. Many would have initially thought that it was an isolated problem limited to their car, but a quick internet search reveals that Lexus cars across the United States are facing the same issue. It’s a glitch in the navigation system’s software that’s causing this problem for millions of Lexus owners, Lexus is in the process of developing a fix.


Lexus NX Gets Outfitted With Wheels Made Out Of Ice
When it comes to cooking up weird, interesting, and wonderful ideas, Lexus isn’t one to shy away. Recently we saw the company show off an actual hoverboard that they have been working on, and it was a couple of months ago that they actually put together an electric car made entirely out of cardboard.If you thought those inventions were amazing, Lexus has recently come up with a new stunt that’s […]

Lexus Unveils Electric Car Made From Cardboard
A couple of months ago, Lexus unveiled their hoverboard. That was pretty awesome even though it could only be ridden in a specially designed park, but still pretty neat all the same. However it looks like the company has outdone itself as they have taken the wraps off a full-sized origami-inspired electric car that is made from cardboard.Yup, you read that right. As you can see in the photos and […]

Lexus Officially Unveils Its Hoverboard And It’s Awesome
When Lexus first teased its hoverboard, many thought it was a fake but the carmaker assured that it was the real deal. They even promised a full reveal on the 5th of August and sure enough they have (it’s the 5th in some countries due to the difference in timezones) and we have to say that it looks awesome!Granted it doesn’t hover as high above the ground compared to the […]

Lexus Hoverboard To Be Revealed In Full August 5th
Back in June, Lexus surprised us all with an announcement of a hoverboard that they were working on. It was only a teaser and a couple of weeks ago, Lexus followed up with another teaser. Now if you’re sick of the teasers and want to see the actual hoverboard in action, you’re in luck as Lexus has announced they will be revealing the device in its entirety come 5th August.In […]

Lexus RC F Shows Your Heartbeat On The Outside
We do know that Lexus does roll out some pretty mean looking cars, not to mention throwing in all sorts of luxury that you can think of, and this certainly means the company has a rather deep seated interest in making sure that they remain ahead of the technological curve. Having said that, Lexus Australia demonstrated that instinct by working alongside creative agency M&C Saatchi in order to roll out […]

Lexus Has A New Video Of Its Hoverboard In Action
Last month Lexus made waves when they published a video teasing that they had a hoverboard in the works. Many were rightfully skeptical, except that unlike the pranks and hoaxes we’ve seen in the past, Lexus’s hoverboard is the real deal. The company has even published a new video showing it off in action.Now the company has been taking their sweet time with putting out new videos of its hoverboard. […]

Lexus Apparently Has A Real Hoverboard In The Works
As much as we want hoverboards to be real like we saw in Back to the Future 2, so far what we’ve seen hasn’t really come close. Last year a prank surfaced which led many to believe that a real hoverboard was in the works, only to disappoint when we found out it wasn’t real, but it looks like carmaker Lexus is here to fulfill our fantasies.The company has recently […]

Toyota Could Include Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrain Into A Future Lexus
The Toyota Mirai is truly a wonder car – where this particular fuel cell sedan has been touted to feature a 300 mile range before requiring a refill of its solitary hydrogen tank. Well, Toyota has been quite the driver (pardon the pun) for green technology on our roads, and in the world of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, they hope that the Mirai would turn out to be another winner […]