selfie-stick-fineAccording to reports, it seems that there was a recent death in the Brecon Beacons where a man was struck by lightning. Now getting struck by lightning happens and we have heard of it before, but apparently it has been suggested that this particular death could have been avoided had the man not been carrying a selfie stick.

It is believed or at least speculated that the selfie stick acted as a lightning rod in which it attracted the lightning bolt that killed the man. The victim is said to be in his 50s and was supposedly a Duke of Edinburgh Award assessor and was leading children on a Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme.

Now as ridiculous and as doubtful this might sound, the dangers of selfie sticks are real. So much so that Disney World has completely banned the use of them as using them during rides could prove to be dangerous. In fact the amusement park was forced to halt an entire ride after it was discovered that one of their guests was trying to use a selfie stick during the ride itself.

So far we have seen it banned from music festivals where it could potentially be hazardous to people around it, and we have also heard that it was banned from museums as it could potentially knock down or damage priceless art and artifacts. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but it certainly sounds like selfie sticks could soon be on their way out as quickly they came.

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