middle-finger-emojiAh, how would our communication be like without any kind of emoji? Certainly it is a bigger step compared to emoticons,and with the launch of Windows 10 by Microsoft, there is also an accompanying updated set of illustrated characters, where among them include flipping the bird. What’s that? Oh, the middle finger, basically, which can be considered to be an offensive gesture in many cultures, although it has since become more flippant and humorous rather than offensive these days.

Regulatory group Unicode Consortium, when they released Unicode 7, would normally see major companies such as Apple, Google, and Adobe incorporating it into their operating systems most of the time, and with this update, the consortium has thrown in over 200 new emoji, the middle finger will be accompanied by the likes of the “Om Symbol” and the “Beamed Descending Musical Notes”.

Most of the tech companies have left the middle finger out, but it seems that Microsoft’s Windows 10 has decided to incorporate it. However, Microsoft has not included the symbol among the many hundreds of emoji on the Windows 10 onscreen keyboard, so you can only copy and paste the image in apps as the only recourse if you would like to flip the bird. So far, Windows 10’s color emoji support can be said to be spotty at best. Perhaps this might prove fuel for interest in the likes of the upcoming Emoji movie.

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