emoji keyboardThe license plates of our cars are pretty standard in terms of their design, and they are basically used to identify individual cars. In terms of customization, there is the option of purchasing a vanity plate, but even then, they’re still pretty much consisted of letters and numbers, but that could soon change if you live in Vermont.

In a recent bill introduced by Democrat Rebecca White, it seems that it is being proposed that drivers can add an emoji to their license plates, giving it a bit more color and personality. So if you’ve ever wanted to drive around with a poop emoji on your license plate, you might soon be legally allowed to do so in Vermont.

The bill, if passed, would allow drivers to choose between six different emojis to their license plates. This would be in addition to the letters and numbers that would typically accompany a license plate, so it’s not as if you can drive around with a single emoji on your license plate. That being said, the bill has yet to be passed so don’t get too excited just yet.

Also, while Vermont could be the first state in the US to potentially allow emojis on their license plates, they are not the first in the world. That title goes to Queensland, Australia where drivers could add emojis to their plates back in 2019.

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