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Ah, emoji. Who doesn’t like these bits of art that are so great for expressing yourself when words just won’t do the trick. Who doesn’t want to have more emoji on their devices?! Apple today revealed the new emoji in iOS 11. The new firmware update will be out in the fall. Apple has also said that these new emoji will also be available on macOS and watchOS platforms later this year.

Apple revealed the new emoji in commemoration of “World Emoji Day,” yes that’s a thing now. Emoji have their own international day now, that’s how popular they are.

From the looks of it, the new emoji in iOS 11 simply represent Apple’s take on the most recent Unicode 10 standard which brought 56 new emoji. Manufacturers create their own designs for emoji, Unicode only decides what the new emoji characters are going to be.

These include some new additions like the Face With Monocle, Sandwich, Crazy Face, Exploding Head, and more. There’s even emoji for Vampire, Merperson, Elf, Genie, and Zombie.

Apple didn’t confirm precisely when it’s going to release the new emoji for iOS 11 but it can be reasonably expected that they will be packaged into iOS 11 so they will be available at launch this fall. The same is likely to be true for macOS High Sierra as well.

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