All eyes were on SpaceX last week as it’s routine ISS resupply mission was launched, many were interested to see whether the company would succeed in its third try to land the rocket on a drone ship floating in the sea. Things didn’t turn out as the way they had been planned, merely two minutes after liftoff SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket exploded. It was an unmanned mission so fortunately there was no loss of life, the ISS was resupplied by a Russian mission a few days back.

SpaceX’s customers have reiterated their faith in the company, let’s not forget that the company has launched more than half a dozen successful missions, this latest setback is thus causing headaches at SpaceX.

The founder and CEO of this company Elon Musk said during his talk at the International Space Station R&D conference in Boston that the Falcon 9 explosion has proven to be a “huge blow to SpaceX.”

The company has not yet been able to figure out what caused the explosion and for that reason future planned launches of the Falcon 9 are likely to be postponed.

Musk didn’t give any more details about the accident, pointing out that he didn’t want to say something that could create a misunderstanding in this situation.

He did mention though that he and his team are finding it hard to determine what exactly happened, “the data does seem to be quite difficult to interpret, whatever happened was not straightforward.”

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