oneplus oneSo we know that on the 27th of July, OnePlus will officially unveil the OnePlus 2. However if the rumors are to be believed, that’s not all the company has up their sleeves. The folks at AndroidPIT have recently heard from their sources that OnePlus actually has another phone in the works in the form of the OnePlus 2 mini.

However the phone will not be announced at the OnePlus 2 event. Instead it is expected to be launched at a later date, but still within the 2015 timeframe. While we are skeptical since this is a rumor, it does seem to corroborate an earlier Bluetooth SIG sighting in which three variants of the OnePlus 2 handset was spotted.

Of course those variants might simply be carrier variants, but at the same time we guess we can’t 100% rule out the possibility that one of them might be the OnePlus 2 mini. As expected given that this is a “mini” version, its specs will be a pared down version of the OnePlus 2. It is unclear as to what kind of pared down specs we might be looking at, but presumably there will be some cuts made.

For example the rumored QHD display of the OnePlus 2 might be swapped out for a 720p HD display. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 might be changed to a Snapdragon 615, and it could pack less RAM. Its fingerprint sensor might also be omitted, and the rumored dual camera setup might end up being a regular single-lens camera. Of course this is just a rumor for now so take it with a grain of salt, but hopefully we will have the details soon.

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