samsung-logoThe Samsung Galaxy S6 is the South Korean tech giant’s flagship smartphone of the year. It packs a brand new design with more premium materials, it has killer specs, a great display, an awesome camera, but it seems that despite all these positive traits, investors in the company are apparently a little pessimistic about how it will perform.

According to a report from Reuters, it seems that investors are a little cautious about Samsung’s performance for the second-quarter and have lowered their expectations. This isn’t because the phone is bad or that customers aren’t reacting well, it’s just that due to Samsung underestimating demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge, the curved display variant of the phone, investors believe that this missed opportunity could be a big deal.

KTB Investment analyst Jin Sung-hye says, “As the smartphone market matures, the period of time that consumer demand for a high-end product lasts looks to have gotten shorter.” Jin is one of the many analysts surveyed who cut their forecast of Samsung by an average of 3.9%, this is despite the fact that Samsung has shipped more than 10 million units and has reportedly sold 6 million units within its first month which is more than what the Galaxy S5 achieved.

In any case we suppose it’s up to Samsung to prove the investors wrong but according to HDC Asset Management fund manager Park Jung-hoon, “After the first-quarter results the consensus for second-quarter earnings was somewhere in the high 7 trillion won ($6.22 billion), but now I think so long as the first digit doesn’t start with a six it won’t be a shock.”

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